Melodic death metal from Lyon (France)

Photoshoot of Aesmah in Lyon (Théâtre Antique de Fourvière). From left to right : Raphaël Steyart, Liza Bouchet, Olivier Girard, Audrey Gardenat, Simon Moulin. Picture taken by Louise Durel.

Aesmah was created in 2009 by french guitarist and composer Olivier Girard.

Highly influenced by Scandinavian bands such as Dark Tranquility, In Flames or Katatonia, the band’s musical identity has since evolved to embrace more progressive, atmospheric and electronic influences. Since Imeria (2012), Aesmah has been dedicated to crafting concept albums depicting the tumultuous destinies of lost souls in the contemporary world, haunted by forgotten mystical entities.

Their latest LP Walking off the Horizon was released in 2020 with Apostasy Records. The haunting melodies of its ten songs blend with enthralling atmospheres, pushed by feisty growls and mysterious whispers.

After a few line-up changes, the band is now composed of Olivier Girard (guitar/backing vocals), Simon Moulin (guitar), Audrey Gardenat (drums), Raphaël Steyaert (bass) and Liza Bouchet (lead vocals).

Aesmah is currently working on a new album, further exploring the duality of their music, in which oniric melancholy and fiery outbursts intertwine in a unique feature of post and melodic death metal.