Nameless Echoes (single 2022)

Creator or creation, where am I ?”  That is the honest question Aesmah ask in their song Nameless Echoes which appears on their third opus Walking Off The Horizon. With their two new members – vocalist Liza Bouchet and bassist Raphaël Steyaert – they re-recorded Nameless Echoes and filmed a video which presents the new line-up performing the song. One can immediately hear a new dynamic in the group while the track they picked to show Aesmah in 2022 couldn’t be a better one. To quote the song once more: “Creation is the only way out.

Walking off the Horizon (2020)

A dreamful, energetic and emotional voyage made tangible through melodic death metal and driven by a personal musical and lyrical concept.

IMERIA (2012)

Hegemony (2009)